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June 2018

Why use a local concierge service?

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Kelowna Concierge, your local concierge

The Team at Kelowna Concierge

A question that we get asked a lot is “what is a local concierge service?” or “why use a local concierge service?” so here are the top 6 reasons to contact us when planning an Okanagan Vacation, hosting out-of-town guests in Kelowna or just wanting to experience something new and different in the valley!

  1. We are the local experts!
    Our entire business model revolves around showcasing the best of the Okanagan Valley to our clients. We have developed close relationships with all our industry partners and fully understand the products and services that they offer. We know where to go, at what time of year (or even what time of day!) for you to have the best experience.
  2. We customize your experience
    We know that every client is different and therefore requires a slightly different experience. We truly get to know our guests and what they value while on vacation, so that we can recommend the perfect trip, adventure or tour. We are also then able to customize a specific experience that will be the most enjoyable for our guests (like finishing up a wine tour with a quick stop at one of the best Ice Cream Parlour’s in the city!).
  3. We vet our industry partners
    It is very common for people to conduct a lot of research before booking a hotel, tour company, or local attraction – and rightly so! By using a local concierge service, we’ve already done the research for you! We ensure that any company that we recommend has it’s proper licensing, has good business standing, is professional and will deliver a service that we are proud to recommend to our guests.
  4. We recommend things that you may not find online
    Some of the most authentic and unique experiences in the Okanagan Valley may not be found online! Kelowna is the entrepreneurial capital of Canada and many of the incredible small business throughout the valley do not have the best online presence. Let us recommend the local’s favourite bakery, the best cocktail bar in the city or the ‘hole in the wall’ brewery that is producing delicious craft beer!
  5. We support you before, during and after your vacation
    We understand that things can change! Maybe it’s your itinerary that needs to be shifted by a week, your in-laws surprised you and are joining you on vacation or you need to postpone an activity – we can make any adjustments on your behalf. Once you have booked with Kelowna Concierge, we become your exclusive Okanagan Travel Agent. So, once your vacation has finally arrived, you can stay in vacation-mode the entire time you are here!
  6. We cost the same, or LESS!
    A common misconception is that using a concierge service is expensive when we may actually SAVE you money! We’ll ensure that you are receiving the best pricing for your ideal experience, booking with the best local partners and not wasting any time or money on services you may not need. Kelowna Concierge also has preferred pricing and exclusive opportunities with many industry partners that are not available to the general public.

Much like a luxury hotel concierge, we want you to have the best, most unique & authentic experience while enjoying the Okanagan Valley. We pride ourselves on creating the best vacation itineraries, hosting the most incredible Okanagan Wine, Craft Beer and Local Distillery Tours and simply recommending the most premier services throughout the valley.