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Imagine splitting a bottle (or three) of wine with your best friends and dreaming up the most perfect job you could think of. Listing your skill sets and passions and trying to work that into a job description – that’s exactly how Kelowna Concierge came to be!

Our story is four best friends, two newly engaged couples, who decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship as a team. In March 2017 it was decided that we were really going to do this, put everything we had into building a Concierge service for the city we love!

Kelowna Concierge

Chad & Jon both executed surprise mountain top proposals!


May Long Weekend 2017 was our target launch date, a nearly impossible task of making our dream a reality. Long days and late nights became standard as we Googled and read everything possible about starting a consulting & tour/transportation business. Logos, branding, licensing, website, permits, the list was an endless and exciting amount of work!

Kelowna Concierge

Kelowna Concierge Logo is born & worn! Right: Jon passes his Class 4 Driving Test, phewf!


Each of us took turns being the cheerleader as we overcame daily roadblocks, and we laughed at how easy launching a second company would be! The rewarding days quickly outnumbered the impossible days (thank goodness) and we made sure to celebrate our tiny milestones along the way.

Kelowna Concierge

It’s official: the website is live!!!


Kelowna Concierge was rapidly becoming a ‘real company’ with each permit received, application approved and registration form completed. No moment was bigger than seeing Chad drive our 11 passenger van off of the lot; a material representation of everything we had been working for! We’d done it, Kelowna Concierge was born!

Kelowna Concierge

Chad’s first drive in our new 11 passenger Ford Transit van!


The amount of support we received was overwhelming. Every friend, local business and fellow entrepreneur welcomed us with enthusiasm and support and we can not thank everyone enough! We love working with local companies like the Start Fresh Project by Chef Michael Buffett to market our beautiful destination and expose visitors to something new in the Valley.

Kelowna Concierge

Kelowna Concierge Team enjoying the Start Fresh launch party.


The ultimate goal for Kelowna Concierge is to allow visitors to experience the best that the valley has to offer. Something different than a routine wine tour, day spent on the lake or dining at a chain restaurant; Kelowna is so much more than that! We work with local companies that showcase how incredible and diverse our valley is and we want our guests to experience THAT Kelowna.

Kelowna Concierge

Our dream team: Jill & Chad, Jon & Jess

Kelowna Concierge

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