West Kelowna Wine Trail Tour

West Kelowna Wine Trail

One of the most well-known wine touring routes is the West Kelowna Wine Trail. Featuring both incredible Estate Wineries and truly unique tasting rooms, this tour showcases stunning architecture, lake views and award-winning wines. You will taste a great sample of white, rosé and red wines.

Prices start at: $159.00 / person + GST

Lakeshore Wine Route - Okanagan Wine Tours

Lakeshore & East Kelowna Wine Route

The Lakeshore Wine Route follows beautiful Lakeshore Road as it twists and turns parallel to the shores of Okanagan Lake. Next into the hills of East Kelowna where each winery is a truly unique and different experience – from 3D glasses to how sound vibrations can affect wines, this tour is perfect for anyone who likes a little more than just swirling! This tour is ideal for a delicious afternoon of wine tasting and features a variety of wines to try including bubbly, white, rosé and red wines.

Prices start at: $159.00 / person + GST

Lake Country Wine Tour

Lake Country: The Scenic Sip

One of the Okanagan’s truly hidden gems, Lake Country (located between Kelowna and Vernon) features some of the best views and sips in the Valley. This northern region has some of the oldest Pinot Gris vines in the Okanagan and you will taste a variety of white, rosé and red wines.

Prices start at: $159.00 / person + GST

Summerland Bottleneck Drive - Okanagan Wine Tours

Summerland: Bottleneck Drive

This wine region is comprised of a charming variety of wineries each with a very distinct personality. Winding roads and beautiful views make Bottleneck Drive a region not to be missed! You will taste a variety of bubbles, white, rosé and red wines.

Prices start at: $169.00 / person + GST

Naramata Bench Wine - Okanagan Wine Tours

Naramata Bench 

Situated on stunning sand cliffs the Naramata Bench is where sun-loving grapes are grown, which means bigger & bolder red wines. The wineries in this region have a variety of wine-making philosophies but all provide high quality & delicious wines. You will enjoy bubbly, white, rosé and bigger red wines in this eastern region.

Prices start at: $179.00 / person + GST

Okanagan Falls - Okanagan Wine Tours

Okanagan Falls

Appropriately called “The Heart of Wine Country” Okanagan Falls is located in between Kelowna and Osoyoos. This region enjoys hot and sunny days with cool nights which promote fruit flavours throughout the wines produced here. Wine tastings will include bubbly, white, rosé and red wines.

Prices start at: $189.00 / person + GST

South Okanagan Wine Tours

South Okanagan

Heading south brings the warmest region in the Okanagan – on average 4 degrees warmer than the rest of the valley. This makes for sweeping vineyards producing delicious Bordeaux-style blends and rich red wines. You will taste bubbly, white, rosé and bigger red wines throughout this region.

Prices start at: $199.00 / person + GST

Sip & Sample Craft Tour

Let’s taste our way through Kelowna stopping at a brewery, cidery, distillery and winery – it doesn’t get more fun than that! This Kelowna tour showcases the incredible craft scene and let’s you sample a little bit of everything on one of our favourite tours!

Prices start at: $139.00 / person + GST

Custom Wine Tour Kelowna

Customized Tour

Looking for a customized experience while in the Okanagan? Kelowna Concierge is happy to provide a custom quote for any Okanagan Tours or we will work with you to create the perfect experience for your group!

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